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    Academic studies in the United States

    We believe that education is the most important investment and the first step towards a satisfying career and a happy life. We are dedicated to show you THE WAY IN to American universities, to give you the best tools and lead you through the entire journey.
    We provide comprehensive counseling of the highest quality by devising an individual strategy for success through careful preparation for university admissions, financial planning, housing and health insurance decisions, as well as an understanding of United States’ immigration legal requirements.
    The Way In is based in New York City.
    Why us?

    We are the only US university admissions consultancy company located in the US that provides services in Hebrew or Russian for Israeli students. The Way In is a group of highly educated professionals and graduates of top US universities. We are lawyers, businessmen, doctors, architects, art dealers, and historians, with degrees from such prestigious schools as Harvard, Brown, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Bowdoin, Johns Hopkins, Tulane, and the University of Virginia.
    We have years of collective educational and professional experience drawn from our advisors, some of whom were raised in Israel, and some of whom were born and raised in the US. Our group understands the realities of US college and graduate school admissions, as well as the complex post-graduation job market.
    We know because we have done it ourselves. Our counselors understand the particular needs of international students in general, and Israeli students in particular. Many of us came to the US to study with a big dream, motivated by a desire to be the best, and achieved professional and academic success. We would like to help you do the same.